In this course the students will learn how to produce, justify, appraise, criticize, compare and edit photos using digital cameras, photographic equipments and different software. This course will teach the basic elements of photography, such as lighting, rule of thirds and picture composition.  SLR cameras will be used, allowing students to interact with lenses, manual focus and other features not often present on standard point-and-shoot cameras. ‘Post-producing’ with specific software and the preparation of a portfolio will also form an integral part of this course.

Mr. Pessôa

Passionate for traveling around the world, I found in photography a way of keeping good memories of all the places and people I visited and met. I am deeply interested into the technology behind a good photo, especially when it comes to the workflow and post-production with Photoshop but still, nothing will replace a well composed, well framed picture.




Mrs. Allgaier

Photography was my first elective class in Middle School. I still remember the smell of the dark room and the first time my image slowly appeared in the developer bath. It was magic. I had recorded a split second of time, printed it on a page and could hold it in my hand. Through both High School and University, I continued my study of photography and am delighted to be developing the curriculum with Mr Pessoa and offering this new subject at SCIS. Although a lot has changed with photography over the years, the magic is still there but has just become more user friendly.