Dear Photographers,

As we talked in class, here is the guidelines for the project “Masters of Photography

  • Choose one renowned international photographer
  • Research his/her biography, style and techniques
  • Prepare a 5 minute oral presentation with slideshow. 5 examples, biography and in the examples, you must be able to talk about the composition and something about why this photographer became famous.
  • The Word of the Week will be doppelgänger. You will choose a picture of your chosen photographer and try to replicate it.  Remember, you have to have the original picture by the side of your picture, like this one. The last slide of your presentation must be your doppelgänger.

WoW and presentation will be June 2nd.

  1. Annie Leibovitz – Alexia
  2. Henri Cartier Bresson – Colin
  3. Mario Testino – Francesca
  4. Yousuf Karsh – Clint
  5. Steve McCurry – Jake
  6. Brian Duffy – Lucas
  7. Richard Avedon – Jimmy
  8. Terry Richardson
  9. Herbert List – Susie
  10. Sebastião Salgado – Matteo
  11. André Kertész – Pedro
  12. Brassaï – Wanqi
  13. Robert Doisneau – William
  14. Willy Ronis – Wilson
  15. Philippe Halsman – Eva
  16. Irving Penn – Madina
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This is the keynote about Panorama. Remember, you must take many pictures and stitch it together in Lightroom/Photoshop. Due: May 6th in the Flickr Group.

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Dear Photographers,

This cycle is all about aperture. Last part of our exposure triangle, Aperture is a key element when composing stunning artistic photos. Here you can find the links for the keynote presentations and the lab:

Aperture Keynote
Aperture Examples
Aperture Lab

WoW for this cycle is a very unique word: Cynosure. The deadlines for this cycle are: Mar 29th.

Take a look in this digital depth of field simulation. It’s AWESOME! It’s a great way to check how is the the depth of field.

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Dear Photographers,

This cycle is all about Shutter Speed. The deadlines for the lab and Wow are March 10th.

Here you can see the Shutter Speed Lab and the Keynote Presentation.

The WoW for this cycle was: Velocity.

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Dear all Photography students,

We are starting Cycle 3 this week. This will be a special cycle since light is such an important element of photography so it will take two cycles to cover all relevant information.  Lab sheet is already posted in our RESOURCES page. Here it goes the assignments:
WoW Assignment
DUE- Feb 10
WoW- Dazzling
Include title and description.

Lab Assignment
DUE- Fev 22nd
Light Scavenger Hunt. Examples of the 20 possible light images. Add it to your flickr account combining them according to category so it’s easier to find it later. Include only the titles of the type of light (ie. “Directional Light- Front Light”). No need for description.

WoW Assignment
DUE- Fev 22nd
WOW- Disclosure
Include title and description.

You can click here to download the Keynote presentation about lights.

Here is the White Balance Keynote presentation.

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WoW– Disheartened/Encouraged [Flickr & ASP DP Group]

Assignment– Complete the lab [Flickr]

Due Date: Jan 29th

Here is the lab sheet.

The amazing keynote presentation is already available in the RESOURCES pages or you can download clicking here.

Wait! It’s not enough! We prepared for your an unbelievable vocabulary list so you know all the names of those great functions in your camera.

Happy shooting!

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Dear Students,

The first WoW (Word of the Week) is Home.  All of you should had created a Flickr account so try to upload it to your account and in class we will add it to the ASP Digital Photography flickr group. The deadline for your picture is Jan 19th. If you have any questions, please send me an email. Happy Shooting!


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Camera Mall in Shanghai

Many students are asking about where to buy camera and accessories. There is a shopping only with photography equipment. Here is the address in English and Mandarin.

No.288,Lu Ban road, at the corner with Xie Tu Road
上海星光摄影器材城: 鲁班路288号,中心斜土路lukou


I just recommend you guys to get the warranty. I bought my camera there and never had any problems.

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First Assignment – Summer Photo

Dear Students,

Don’t forget. For next class, bring the best picture you took during summer vacation. We will upload it together to Flickr. The morgue entry with this picture and the explanation of why you chose is is due August 29th/30th (according to your class). Don’t forget to attach to the back your morgue in a very artsy way all the material we gave you during the first class. It will be your reference for the rest of the year. Any questions, please send us an email! Happy shooting!

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